Kubernetes Vs Docker

Docker :

  1. It is a Container architecture which provides u the environment for your application independent of OS.
  2. It automatically builds and deploys the application (CI in CI/CD pipeline)
  3. It is a Container Platform for configuring, building and distributing containers.

Wikipedia : Docker is a set of Platform as a service(PaaS) products that use OS-level virtualization to deliver software in packages called containers. Containers are isolated from one another and bundle their own software, libraries and configuration files. They can communicate with each other through well-defined channels.

4. It is mainly used in the local development process for configuring the environment for application irrespective of the OS.

5. It can be build into a container/Image and pushed to the private repo (or so Example : Docker Hub) and others can use that container and develop the application with that configured environment.

Example : Suppose there are two people Raju and Ram , Raju own’s Mac and Ram own’s windows . They both are working on an application which uses a specific version of software. So to install that software both have to go with some specific set of commands with respective to there OS configurations and some times the software versions also can mismatch. So to avoid this much of drama, docker helps us to create an isolated environment for the application with both of them can work easily by building a container/Image and distributing it with other persons.

Kubernetes :

  1. Unlike docker Kubernetes is an infrastructure for managing multiple containers.
  2. It is mainly helpful in management and scheduling the application containers.(we can say managing a cluster of docker containers)
  3. In deployment servers (may be physical or VM) kubernetes is installed on top of those servers and create clusters where these run containers on top of kubernetes engine.

Example : Lets assume that kubernetes engine is running on one or multiple virtual servers (these combined called as one cluster), in these servers docker containers will be running. The service which make docker containers to run is kubelet.

Note : There is a similar architecture like kubernetes which is Docker Swarm, where docker swarm contains docker engine and docker daemon run the docker containers (like kubelet in kubernetes) on each node(here node is ref as server). Both have there advantages and disadvantages.

Note : “Docker and Kubernetes technology are not alternative to each other. we can use Docker with out Kubernetes and vise versa”.(This statement is copied from internet 😜).

(If am wrong anywhere, am ready to correct and ready to listen. lets Learn together 🙂.)

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